Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 Rs in India 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews


The market for fitness bands had exploded in the previous few years with newer fitness bands being launched nearly every month. Most of those fitness bands include advanced functionality, enabling you to check your heart rhythm, to watch your blood pressure and many more. It is hard to consider that fitness bands had been introduced just a few years back and back then, they may, at most act as a pedometer.

Since then they’ve been redesigned and have acquired extra user centric features a lot so, that it may be a hassle sorting through them for the one you want.

Fitness trackers help balance our exercise plan and provide us with an up to date record of our activity in real time.

If you are searching one, that’s reasonably price, and then you definitely  need to verify our top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 Rs in India

Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 Rs Online in India 2020

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Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 Reviews in India

1. HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Tracker Band

What makes this fitness band stand out is that it does more than combine the features of a watch with that of a fitness band; it comes with superior functionality and one which keeps monitor of all of your health activities. This band accurately measures your heart rate  and even monitors your sleep patterns. It even lets about the numerous calories that you simply had burnt, because of your various activities. Here are some of the major options of this fitness band,

Pros (What Do We like)

  • It comes with a classy design and shows time as properly, in 12 and 24 hr format
  • It measures your heart rhythm in addition to all your physical activities
  • This band monitors your sleep
  • Its syncs with your phone, social media accounts, emails and many more.
  • It comes with the present price tag of 1399 inr

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • It is a little bit confusing to sync the same with your phone
Rating - 3.8/5

2. Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band has colour AMOLED that gives full touch display and connectivity with the android. It is waterproof of up to 50m. It has a superb swim tracking technology with stroke recognition strategies. The device is a good way to move in to a healthy life-style by incorporating timely schedules for exerciseeating and even sleeping.

Pros (What Do We like)

  • The MI smart band comes with music controls so that it can change songs, improve or lower the volume, and drool over your favorite tracks with out your phone.
  • The sturdy 5ATM isn't only waterproof but additionally identifies your swimming schedule and transfers itself into swimming mode in order to capture your all activity.
  • This watch has upto 20 days of battery life for uninterrupted performance.
  • It also follows the sleep pattern and suggests one of the best schedules for healthy life-style.
  • Never miss another call or text as the watch will maintain all notifications saved so that you can check.

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • The voice assistant isn't present.
  • Only the black colour is available.
Rating - 4.3/5

3. Holyhigh 153 Smart Fitness Band

This Fitness Tracker Band is basically a pedometer counter, step counter, distance recorder, activity time recorder,calorie counter,  call reminder, messages reminder, GPS,  notification alert, over 15 types of sports tracking, sleep monitor, alarm clock, and heart  monitor are a few of the  features that is among the customers’ favorites. It additionally has a very attractive HD colour screen and the monitor directly and automatically monitors and analyses sleep quality and time.

Pros (What Do We like)

  • The fitness brand is enriched with multiple activities and affordable choices for leading healthy life-styles.
  • Automatic sleep tracker measures your sleep patterns and recommends good schedules for life-style.
  • There is a special sedentary alert that makes sure you keep healthy by reminding every time you are sitting for longer durations with out movements.
  • There are special provisions within the device so that it's suitable for girls, males and children, along with a wrist sensor switch for good results.

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • The system has reportedly crashed for a few customers.
  • The band can’t be turned off until and unless the battery drains out.
Rating - 4.1/5

4. Mi Band 3

When it comes to electronics and equipment then MI is one of the best choice for you in Indian market, this fitness band good for those consumers who’re looking stylish with advanced features fitness band. This band is 0.78 OLED touch screens with adjustable strap size, you also learn massages and receive call notification, alerts from whatsapp and many apps . It comes with find my phone features which used this if it is misplaced, it might be great purchase for you. Below are some extra compulsive factors about it.

Pros (What Do We like)

  • You can simply view information raising your wrist
  • It comes with superb look with shiny black coloured
  • This band Track your sleep, analysis and advanced step tracking
  • It comes with phone unlock features (Only Android)
  • It offers greater resistance that allows you swim & surf while wearing it
  • This smart technology responds to your movements

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • It’s pathetic battery backup
Rating - 4.1/5

5. Arbily YG3 Plus HR Fitness Band

Arbily YG3 is a smart brand tracker cum fitness band that regulates and monitors heart beat, blood pressure, and stores them for future reference on a every day and monthly listing. It is a pedometer that connects with the phone to maintain call, text and different notifications.

Pros (What Do We like)

  • Its comes with the call vibration reminder connected to your phone. The sedentary alert, SMS alert, alarm alert, and remote camera are also available.
  • The IP67 technology makes it waterproof in the rain and even during swimming activities, thus recording every heart beat and health care monitoring.
  • There are about 14 sports and activity modes which you can fix on this device.
  • The band keeps a track of your sleeping scedules and stores them for future reference.
  • This device comes with a remote camera which directly controls the camera function of the phone.

Cons (What We Don’t Like)

  • This device comes only in black colour.
  • It can’t control music.
Rating - 4.6/5

Fitness Band Buying Guide

No doubt  fitness tracker helps to trace the number of steps,  calories burned heartbeat, running time, and much more stuff. Several reputed brands provide almost similar feature with minor changesbetter accuracy and competitive price. For the first time consumersit may be a complicated process that’s why they’ll consider the 4 major factors to get the right product –


Most of the fitness bands include an accelerometer,  heart rate monitor,  GPS tracker and few more. All these sensors are available in low cost to expensive models of fitness tracker but the difference is in quality accuracy. So, it’s best to check out the smart sensors and understand how accurate they’re by considering opinions. Thermometer and light-weight sensors are also good to go for.

Water Proof

The important function of a fitness band is sweat proof design but is the fitness band waterproof? Well, it’s important to think about for people who will be utilizing these fitness bands during swimming periods. It doesn’t matter that you’re running under rain or swimming, the waterproof design takes the quality to the next step and also you don’t face a single issue in the future.

Battery Life

fitness tracker  could be worn during gym session, specific exercise as well as in daily life. So, battery life is a important point. Most of the brands provide 6 to 8 hours of battery life but you may expect extra from the reputed ones. The battery life is amazing and you can put on the fitness tracker  in the long run. Make certain that you just don’t compromise with battery life due to cheaper price otherwise it’s possible you’ll find issues in the future


Popular manufacturers always go for simple designs and several colours. The premium manufacturers will supply the same feature in smartwatch which is reliable however costly on the same side. Due to this, you should determine on a budget and stick to it. You won’t get confused because of the huge variety and getting the right product will be easier. Most of the people comply with this method and you may try the same

The more you spend, the more options you avail but it doesn’t mean that you will get the most effective. Some of the affordable health bands can offer the same with less premium design. So, it’s best to begin with a budget and then look for choices in that range.


These are some of the best fitness tracker in India, under 2000 inr. They every band come with their own unique design and are quite different from each other. While the basic performanceone of measuring a few of your health metrics stay the samesome of these health bands also include superior functionality as well.

So check each one out and choose the one that is a good fit.

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